What a Whirlwind of a Week (Plus Photo of the Day)

I have been a busy girl these last few days which is why I haven’t updated on here since Monday.  If you must know, I went to the American Idol Finale at the Nokia Theater yesterday (May 20th) with a friend on Seat Filler tickets. You want to know more?  Sure, I’ll tell you all about it.  If you are unaware what a seat filler is, don’t feel ashamed, I did not either until I was graciously informed by a friend. I will now be that friend to you.  A seat filler is simply this: a person who fills the seat of anyone sitting in the first 50 (or so) rows of a filmed production (like American Idol) until the ticket holder arrives.  Seat Fillers also occupy empty seats during the entire show to anyone up front that needs to pee or do a line of coke in the bathroom.  Producers don’t want empty seats on film.  I would soon learn, for a Seat Filler, a trip to the theater becomes an evening of whimsical musical chairs with Hollywood celebrities, past Idols and glitterati galore.

Having grown up in a small-ish coastal New England town, big Hollywood-type events still leave me in a bit of shock and awe.  I had no idea what to expect from my new Seat Filling obligations.  Would I end up seat-less, standing in the back of a dark theater or worse, in some holding room waiting for a bladder engorged teeny bopper to pee so I could catch 30 second glimpses of the show?  I was overcome with scenerios of the situation to which I was entering. It was exciting.

Before the show, we were placed in the first 5 rows. As ticket holders arrived, we were moved around, each time to a new empty seat.  It was like playing the lottery. Would your seat holder arrive or would you end up with one of the best seats in the house?  I was moved about 5 times before settling about 15 rows back from the stage in an aisle seat next to what I believe was some actress who has been on TV. She looked so familiar.  Anyway, it was a solo seat so I prayed it’s occupant got held up at the office and couldn’t make it to the show. As luck would have it, the occupant of Seat 110, Row AA never made it to the Idol finale. I got to see the whole show from 15 rows away.  Never in a million years would have imagined myself in that position, in that very moment/ It was surreal. And thanks to FOX for putting on a truly fantastic show. Fireworks? KISS?  Free giveaways to the audience?  It was awesome.

Now I will leave you with the Photograph-of-the-Day: Sedona Vortex.  This is a little fun photoshop project I worked on from an original photo taken of me in Sedona, AZ.  I experimented with different filters, brushes and filter styles.  I hope you like it.


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