Looking for Help with a Brushless Gimbal Set-Up on DJI Phantom 1

I recently bought this Brushless Gimbal with BCG control board off Amazon to integrate smoother videography into my DJI Phantom 1 flights. I am not currently using any kind of FPV set-up at this time. As for Gimbal installation, I’ve done extensive research online, watched a lot of YouTube videos and I am hoping to confirm that my set-up is correct (or I am at least on the right path).

Issue 1: One of the issues I’ve ran into is that it seems my set-up was missing the power cable that allows me to connect to the balance plug  on my 3s Lipo battery to the gimbal itself. It seems I need some kind of cable that has a JST 2-pin connector on one end, and 3s 4-pin balance plug (or whatever it’s called) on the other end. The only cables that come off the gimbal are the 2-pin one that’s got the red connector on the end.  I’ve read that you can solder the wires directly to the power source but I am not versed in soldering, so I’d prefer to find the right adapter cable to connect this to my battery pack. I just ordered this cable, will it work? Fingers crossed.

This is the gimbal that I purchased:

Brushless Camera Mount Gimbal w/ Motor & Controller for DJI Phantom F450 F550 X525 Gopro Hero3

Pitch / Tilt control: This is my current set-up – I have one green wire plugged into the bottom pin of F2 port on NAZA and one yellow wire plugged into the bottom pin of the F1 port on NAZA.  I have the green wire connected to the bottom pin, second from the right and the yellow wire connected to the bottom pin, far right.   I’ve seen in some videos that you only need one wire and others where it seems like people are using two. I’ve also seen videos where the pin group off the Gimbals motherboard has way fewer pins than mine. I’m very new to this so I am learning as I go.







How do I get these black/red cables to connect to my battery?


How I Know I’m Being Ripped Off by Comcast

I subscribe to the Blast Plust service of Comcast, which includes internet speed download rates at around 50 Mb/s and upload speeds of about half that. I frequently run “speed tests” and found this result more times than not. I am now going to document them regularly. Stay tuned.


Trying to stream video, noticed it was sluggish and lagging. Not surprised at the result.

I “power cycled” my Modem, as the Comcast website recommends to do if I’m experiencing slow internet speeds. I did and this was the result? 50 Mb/s download speed? You tell me.

This is what it should be:

Internet running slow again. Decided to run a speed test and was not surprised at the results:

It’s been about a month and my internet has been seriously lagging lately so I thought it was time for another test. Here are the results:

Just another day where my internet speed is no where close to 50 Mbps

Internet seems very slow today. Ran a test and very upset at what the results are.

Imagine if I had to “power cycle” (as Comcast recommends when you call them and tell them your internet speed is way slower than it should be. Now imagine how much time I actually have to spend on the phone with Comcast, every time the internet gets slow, only to have them tell me yet again to power cycle the modem. Maybe, it would make the most sense to replace the obviously ill-performing modem that is limiting my internet speeds. And an offer for a discount on my monthly bill for all the trouble they have caused. I know I shouldn’t expect much, I’m only asking for good customer service.

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15 Bird Selfies For Your Viewing Pleasure

Didn’t think birds took selfies? Think again. These birds are just as vain as you are.

















Good Luck Boston Bruins!!


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Welcome to Summer on the North Shore – Relaxation Edition

Welcome to Summer on the North Shore – Relaxation Edition from Renée Gannon on Vimeo.

Summertime on the North Shore of Boston, MA and the livin’s easy. Enjoy this compilation of video clips and timelapse photography of my favorite place to live and my home. Filmed on a GoPro Hero2. Music: Chicadas by Lotus.